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SHOCKER: Eddie Hearn gets ‘debagged’ in America

Eddie Hearn pants pulled down in America

Mischievous boxer Tommy Coyle had one over on Eddie Hearn when he pulled the Chairman of Matchroom boxing’s pants down in a comical gag in Boston. It seemed Team Coyle were having some banter in the States in a series of videos of them ‘kegging’ other members of the team during their stay. On this occasion it was the term of the promoter Hearn as we all get an eye-full of the Essex business man’s posterior. A sheepish Coyle was a little worried that Hearn was annoyed at him but always keen for a laugh, Eddie Hearn told Coyle he could out it out on social media. It’s had over a million views now and you can add to the tally. I am sure Eddie will have ‘things’ under a bit of a tighter belt in future when around Tommy Coyle!