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Watch: Bob Arum slams Sky Sports

In multiple media calls this week veteran boxing promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank has laid into Sky Sports. The main reason being is that Sky have refused to purchase and showcase

Video: Bob Arum criticises UK broadcaster

In this video courtesy of IFL TV, you can see Arum’s epic rant. The promoter is clearly angry and dismayed at the fights not been taken on over in the UK.

Video Credit: IFL TV

These networks need to understand, how people are hurting, how people in this country and in the UK are out of work because of this pandemic. It’s immoral to require people to spend money to see their favourite sports.

Bob Arum – Top Rank

Arum, of course, was referring to the decision of Sky not to take the Lomachenko vs Lopez fight on October 17th along with the Crawford vs Brook clash in November.

The position of Sky has been defended by both Adam Smith and Eddie Hearn in separate interviews where they both highlighted the gravity of the situation we find our sport in at the moment when it comes to financials, not to mention the time the events would be shown here in the UK.

There’s no doubt the hardcore boxing fraternity want to see those fights and the wider Top Rank schedule. Along with the financials is a growing issue of the lack of opportunity to get UK fighters active at the moment and budgets are naturally being reserved for this in the presence of no ticket gate.

One has to be confident that, in other circumstances, these fights would have been shown to the UK market.