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Watch: Mike Tyson ferocious in training for Roy Jones Jnr

In November Mike Tyson will fight Roy Jones Jnr in an ‘exhibition’. Much has been made of the ring return for these two greats with many questioning why it needs to happen, considering their ages. The counter-argument is that if this truly is an exhibition then a ‘go around’ for the fans shouldn’t be an issue.

Regardless of which argument is your brand of cool-aid, admit it, you’re probably going to watch it. I mean they’re two of the greatest boxers ever to lace them up. Tyson, 54, has been training for a long time now and is currently sporting an incredible physique for a man of his age and considering his battles with weight in the past. His admirable physique was on show a couple of weeks ago when posted a video of him in training for the Roy Jones bout. Check it out, the former Heavyweight Champion of the world was not messing around on the pads – nearly taking his trainers head off.

Video credit: – Mike Tyson looking dangerous on the pads.

Let’s hope it really is an exhibition because the intensity and power was no joke!