Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce not on Box Office

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people, families, and businesses alike across the globe. It’s fair to say we have all suffered and had to adapt in many ways. Sports, arts and entertainment have been affected so dramatically that the fundamental ways in which we consume and enjoy them are now a far cry from what we know and love. Cancelled concerts, season breaks and rescheduled tournaments have shattered the entire ents industry.

At every level it is human nature not to give up. None more so than in the fight game. But we usually talk about this when we speak about the athletes themselves. Yet, in the last couple of months we have seen what can only be described as a herculean effort by promoters, rights holders and broadcasters to bring live fights to our screens. Granted it’s not the same. Would we prefer it to be how it was? Of course. But what the likes of Queensbury, BT, Matchroom and Sky have managed to achieve in the wake of what Covid brings is nothing short of remarkable.

All of this comes at a cost. Fewer fighters can get on cards. Reduced purses for fighters across the board. Balance sheets for promoters and broadcasters are not favourable. From a business perspective none of it makes sense to anyone. Yet, for the love of the sport and importantly for the furure of the sport the aforementioned names have brought boxing to our living rooms.

Here’s what Frank Warren had to say regarding the bout between Joyce and Dubois:

“This is about keeping boxing alive and relevant at a tough time and doing something for the fans and we have moved heaven and earth to put this on as a BT Sport subscription Fight Night instead.”

So, in the wake of all of this headwind and obstacles to be making such a big fight as Dubois vs Joyce is phenomenal. Then to learn that the fight is free to subscription and not on Box Office is unheralded. In this scenario, everyone has taken a hit. For the fans they have a fight they have been crying out for some time now at just the right time for both of them. Covid aside this is a Box Office fight, any day of the week. Hats off to all at Queensbury and BT for making this happen but also to Joyce and Dubois.

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