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Tyson Fury Road To Redemption Full Documentary

Watch Tyson Fury Road To Redemption Full Documentary

Courtesy of BT Sport and No Filter Boxing, we bring you the full Tyson Fury documentary – Road To Redemption. Take a look behind the scenes into the life of Tyson Fury as he prepares in training for his bout against Deontay Wilder for the WBC World Heavyweight Championship.

Tyson Fury’s in-ring battles

Tyson Fury has had some epic in ring battles, besting the likes of Dereck Chisora twice and conquering Wladimir Klitschko in order to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion in 2015. Known for his outspoken approach to the general public, within the boxing fraternity he is more known for his slick, elusive boxing acumen and his knowledge of the history of boxing. Tyson is a student of the game and he is as much a boxing historian as he is a part of the history of boxing.

Tyson Fury’s personal battles

Tyson Fury has had a well-documented personal battle since becoming heavyweight king in 2015. Fury has done incredibly well to prove he can best those issues through hard work and dedication and the documentary touches on some of these issues on his road back to redemption. Tyson looks in incredible shape, no mean feat it has to be said and he seems back to his focussed and happy self. Fury has done a wonderful job in raising awareness to mental health through his own story, helping many I am sure. As he continues his journey back to the top of the game and the top of HIS game it is clear that Tyson needs boxing just as we, the people of boxing need him.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder thoughts

Like any battle at the pinnacle of the sport opinion is mixed for the most part. One school of thought is that this is too soon for Tyson Fury. He has had a long period out of the sport, returning to below par opposition and having to lose 100 pounds in weight. That coupled with the fact he is fighting current WBC heavyweight king in Deontay Wilder, a devastating puncher. Tyson is no stranger to being the underdog, many writing him off before he even got in the ring with the heavyweight dominator Klitschko. But Tyson defied the odds and showed his class, frustrating Klitschko and hardly allowing him to land a glove. In doing so, relinquishing Wladimir of ‘all the marbles’. Similarly, he is facing the champion Wilder, who it has to be said, has not faced the class of opponent that Fury has been in with. All told, I believe you will see some cat and mouse in the early rounds with not too many exchanges. This will be followed up with some slick and dominant mid rounds from Tyson as his top tier boxing skill set takes hold. In the later rounds I think Tyson could tire leaving him open to being tagged, which will result in him tying Wilder up. I believe both fighters will see the final bell and Tyson will win a close, split decision.