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Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury clash in Los Angeles

The on going war of words reached fever pitch yesterday in Los Angeles when Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder went head to head at the final press conference before Saturday nights heavyweight clash. It is clear behind the bravado the duo have respect for each other and they understand the gravity of the test they both face. However, on camera Fury and Wilder have been less than complimentary. Fury himself walking the streets of LA to ask if anyone knows who Deontay Wilder is?

Well, it spilled over last night as they faced off in front of the world’s media. Goading, pushing, shoving, verbals and the enterage fancying a bit too. Take a look:



The footage captured by IFL TV shows some epic ‘HEAVYWEIGHT BEEF’. If you want to see all the best bits of the press conference you can check out this video below, also from IFL TV:



The net result of the ‘beef’ was The Furious one ripping his shirt off and showing the true extent of his collossal achievement in getting in the best shape possible. A sign of respect to WIlder, even if verbally they have been less than courteous. This weekend’s clash for the WBC Heavyweight Championship is perfectly poised. ‘The 0 has got to go’.