Brook vs Horn next?

We could see Brook vs Horn next in the 154lbs division in the wake of what looks to be a done deal for Amir Khan to fight Terence Crawford for the WBO Welterweight strap.

It seemed that Brook and Khan made a gentleman’s agreement in person at the Bellew vs Usyk event in November. Kell Brook will no doubt be left deeply disappointed after chasing a clash with Amir Khan for years. Amir Khan has been heavily criticised for not taking the bout with big money on the line and Kell Brook also offering to come down in weight and agreeing to various clauses.

Jeff Horn’s promoter has said that Horn is willing to travel to the UK for a match up against Brook in May of 2019. Jeff Horn is a former champion himself after sensationally defying the odds to beat Manny Pacquiao.

Can we criticise Amir Khan?

It’s a good question. Khan has been criticised for not taking the fight, one which at least the British fans have been demanding for years. Some would say he has ducked Brook. But has he really? If you look at Khan’s CV he has fought the likes of Peterson, Garcia, Maidana, Judah, Alexander and Canelo. He also chased Mayweather for 18 months and has been linked with Pac Man. Add to this the fact that he is missing out on money in order to take on pound for pound king Crawford and a chance of world honours and it is hard to criticise him.

Lose the Crawford fight and we may not see him fight Brook, ever. Win and not only could we see him fight Brook but the fight will be even bigger. We can’t rule out the Brook vs Khan fight if Khan loses to Crawford but it will lose its appeal considering neither are in their prime and neither looked at their best last time out.

Will we ever see Brook vs Khan?

Only time will tell. Whether we will or we won’t it will never be the clash we wanted it to be or when we wanted it to be. That being said, we will watch it, of course we will. Horn vs Brook is a good match up, perhaps a 50/50. Khan vs Crawford is a great match up, you have to favour Crawford heavily however.

We watch, and wait.