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Watch: Adrien Broner goes off at Jim Gray, thinks he won

Saturday 19th January 2019, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. The scene for Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner for the WBA Welterweight title. The result of which was academic with a shut-out win for 8 weight world champion, Pac-Man.

The reason for the shut-out win for Pac-man was essentially volume and quality of punches and work. Broner didn’t work hard enough and didn’t let his hands go, the cleaner and more frequent work coming from the Filipino.

Perhaps surprisingly then, Broner claimed he won the fight in his fractious post-fight interview with Showtime’s Jim Gray. A relationship which has been on edge for a while now.

Everybody out there no I beat him. I controlled the fight, he was missing, I controlled the fight. I beat him.

Broner with Gray post-fight.
Broner goes off in post-fight interview.

With Pacquiao’s age you would fancy Broner’s chances but it seems more is made of the headlines Broner makes outside the ring rather than in. A shame when little is made of the fact he is the youngest ever to be a champion in 4 different weight divisions. Maybe he is right in that he doesn’t get a ‘fair shake’, the reality for Saturday however, is that he didn’t win.

It is clear Broner still has a future in the sport and much to offer, I think Saturday was a missed opportunity for him. Wherever Broner goes next, he letting his hands go is a must.